The Detroit Lions haven't done much as far as an NFL Franchise, but we were lucky enough to have one of the best running backs ever to play the game.  That man is Barry Sanders and he is now being regarded as college football's "Greatest of All Time".

The title was officially handed over to him earlier this week by USA Today.  Their website hosted a contest where users could vote on who they thought was college football's "Greatest of All Time" in a bracket-style tournament.

After a few weeks of voting, Barry Sanders finally defeated Tony Dorsett in the finals of the bracket and was named the GOAT.  Fellow running back, Tony Dorsett of Pittsburgh lost to Oklahoma State's Barry Sanders by a voting margin of 85% to 15%.

Sanders didn't receive less than 70% of the vote in any of the rounds of voting and secured the title in an epic fashion.  So, sorry you had to play for the Lions, Barry, hopefully, this will make up for your lack of a Championship.

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