Ah, them swingers. They're a crazy bunch, they are. On September 21st, a swingers party was in full...um...swing, when one of the women involved got jealous, and decided to use a screwdriver to start up her minivan and attack her husband with the vehicle.

Did I mention she'd been banging the other woman's fiancee, while her husband was banging the other woman? Seems only fair, right? Apparently not.

She slapped her husband and ran out, and when the others followed her, she started up the minivan and drove at them, over the curb and sidewalk.She then drove away, but changed her mind and came back, to continue the fight.

The husband had cuts to his forehead, shoulders, bleeding from the mouth, and bite marks.

Although it's probably not clear whether those were from the minivan attack, or the swingers activities.

The wife was arrested, and of course she was well over the legal BAC, blowing a 0.156.


The husband was also arrested, and it turns out he was violating a personal protection order. THAT HE HAD GOTTEN AGAINST HIS WIFE!

In case that didn't sink in, I'll give you a second. Yes, he'd gotten a restraining order against his wife, and then took her out for a big swingers evening. How could he possibly have known that his happy banging of another woman could end in violence?

Oh, wait, because he has a protection order against the loon. That's how he should have known.

And the wife? She threatened the deputies arresting her, got violent at the station, and stripped aggressively. I sort of made up that aggressively part, but it fits with the description from the deputies on her behaviour.

I kind of want a woman to strip aggressively for me, now that I think of it...but that's a different post, altogether.

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