With the holidays winding down, people tend to be a little more stressed than usual. When we are stressed, our guard goes down and scammers are well aware of this. The BBB is warning people of a big spike in scam calls, where the person on the other end of the line claims to be a Consumers Energy rep.

Fox17 reported that the caller typically tells the victim they are behind on their energy bill and a payment is required IMMEDIATELY otherwise they will have their power shut off. Being that it will get colder eventually, this is a big concern for people. Of course, it's all a lie.

Consumers energy will NEVER ask to process a payment over the phone, and will send any notice of a shutoff through the mail. Other scams are popping up featuring fake consumers employees coming up to your door, asking to see your bill and offering a better rate.

You can keep an eye on the type of scams in your area as well as report a scam to the BBB that you have been a victim of here.

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