The heat is on! And that means a trip to the beach to cool down. Do you know the rules of etiquette for beach goers? Enlighten yourself!

Is there anything better than a great day at the beach during the summer? While many of us love to lie out on the sand and listen to the waves, that perfect day can easily be ruined by other beach goers, who have no respect for others.

The truth is, there are simple rules most people really should be following at the beach to make everyone’s day great, but sadly that’s just not happening.

The Journal News in New York asked readers about their biggest beach-going pet peeves. The top seven were no surprise. Read. Learn. And Enjoy!

  • Carry in, Carry Out – If you bring food and other garbage to the beach, it’s your responsibility to take it with you when you leave.
  • Space Invasion – Personal space is a big issue at the beach. Don’t try and squeeze yourself into small spaces so you are right on top of the person next to you, especially if they got their early to get the perfect spot near the water.
  • Tone it Down – We understand if you want to listen to music at the beach, but you shouldn’t be forcing others to listen to it too. Too many people these days play their music way too loud, with no consideration for others. Either keep the volume low, or wear headphones.
  • Into the Wind – Yes spray sunscreen is pretty convenient, but watch where you are spraying, All too often people spray with the wind and it gets on their neighbor. Try and be nice and spray in the opposite direction of the wind.
  • Unsupervised Children – If you’re going to bring your kids to the beach, watch them. Not only can they be annoying to those around you, it’s a safety hazard since many dangers, especially drowning, lurk at the beach.
  • Don’t Feed the Seagulls – While you may think it’s cute to feed the seagulls, that will only result in them hanging around you and those around you. Plus, if they dive bomb for food they could wind up hurting someone.
  • No Peer Pressure Here- Yes the water can be relaxing and cooling, but if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t go out too far just because your friends tell you to. The water can be dangerous, so don’t put your life at risk.

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