Thursday morning when I heard about the bear on the west side of Grand Rapids, I was mildly concerned, because I live around that area, and until that moment, I was really only worried about skunks.

I say mildly worried, because I thought, “Oh, I might come across one around my trash cans, better be aware.” No big deal.

That is until I saw this video that WZZM 13 found and posted on Saturday of a black bear, looking just like the “West Side Bear”, except instead of getting in a tree.. this bear opened the back door of a pickup and crawled in!   Opened the door!

I knew they can open coolers and picnic baskets, but they know how to use door handles too??

WZZM13 says it happened in Gatlinburg Tennessee Wednesday afternoon at a cabin leasing office. The lady who originally posted the video says bear sightings aren’t uncommon and apparently, according to the WZZM13 story, neither are bears getting into cars, because Thursday, they had a bear sitting in the driver’s seat of another truck.

Um, remember to lock your doors?


Now I’m going to be terrified of getting in my car at night, because what if West Side Bear's family is in the neighborhood and want vengeance? I mean, and that they're as smart as Tennessee bears.


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