'A Hard Day's Night,' featuring an Oscar-nominated script written from the viewpoint of the Beatles as they became trapped by their mop top-era fame, is set for re-release in theaters and on Blu-ray.

The news, courtesy of NME, follows a series of events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' arrival in America. The Beatles' web site, however, has not yet confirmed this re-release.

NME reports that the 1964 film, which culminates in a fictional television concert appearance after a series of zany misadventures, has been fully restored and will be in theaters and available for download on July 4, 2014. A limited-edition DVD and Blu-ray release is reportedly set for July 21 in the U.K. Hopefully and presumably, release dates for the United States will be announced soon.

'Hard Day's Night' was directed by Richard Lester, who also helmed the follow-up Beatles film 'Help!' The movie featured a few notables in bit parts, including George Harrison's future wife Patti Boyd -- who later became the impetus for Derek and the Dominoes' 'Layla,' when Harrison's best friend Eric Clapton fell in love with her. Phil Collins, long before he came to fame in Genesis, also appeared in the concert scene.

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