In late May this year, I found out that Denver-based brewery, Jagged Mountain Brewery, was releasing a tribute beer in honor of late MSU punter, Mike Sadler. Tragically, Mike Sadler died in a car accident that took place in July 2016. Since the release, the beer was only available in Colorado. But not anymore...

According to WXYZ, the beer honoring Sadler will be released in East Lansing this weekend! The beer is appropriately named "Hey Diddle Diddle", a nod to the "trick play he ran during the Michigan State Rose Bowl season." Jagged Mountain is teaming up with Michigan's Atwater Brewery to make it available here in the Mitten!

According to a post on the Jagged Mountain Facebook, "a limited amount of kegs will be available in East Lansing this weekend. Over the next few weeks, kegs and bottles will be rolled out to more East Lansing establishments, Grand Rapids, and Detroit."

So, if you'd like to taste the wheat ale that's brewed with oranges and apricots, and finished with a touch of Belgian yeast and roses, make sure you keep an eye out for it in East Lansing this weekend! Plus, "a portion of all proceeds go to The Michael Sadler Foundation." Read more about the beer, here


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