There are two things I've noticed about Grand Rapids since moving here. A lot of people like to exercise, and they also love to drink beer. It IS Beer City USA, so this makes sense. And now, there's a new fitness craze coming out of Germany, and working it's way across the world. And it needs to come to Grand Rapids.

Beer Yoga!

Berlin hipsters have launched their new fitness regime, combining their love of beer and their love of yoga, so now they can get healthy, and drunk, all at one time!

It includes "beer salutations", and balancing beer bottles on your head, which is always good drunk fun! They call it a "therapy for mind, body, and soul", and say it helps them reach a "higher level of consciousness".

It is called inebriation. Many of us do it without the yoga part. It involves a LOT less sweating, and sadly, fewer yoga pants. There's still some yoga pants, and leggings, so we're still good with our lazy version of drinking.

But you KNOW that this town would go nuts at the chance to do beer yoga! Who's going to be the first studio to form a beer yoga class? And how many of you will sign up and start yoga drinking?

Get more info on this hot new craze, at Mashable.

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