I just read this story, that will make me a least check my surroundings before just offering to help someone but almost makes me not want to stop for people broke down on the side of the interstate.

WNEM.Com posted a story of a guy from Detroit who was headed home along I94 when he noticed a lady on the side of the road needing help changing a tire, near Wayne State University.  Fortunately, he listened to the voice in his head that kept saying this is not a good situation.

WNEM reports that the guy noticed there was no plate on the car nor was the trunk open, and a jack out on the ground. Instead, the lady was standing there with a tire iron in her hand.

As the guy got out of the car he happened to check around the car with his flashlight and that’s when he saw a guy laying in the grass next to the car.  He told WNEM that when the light landed on the guy in the grass, that dude jumped up and got in the car and took off.  I’m assuming the lady was with him when they took off because the guy called the police and just described the car as a silver Nissan, according to WNEM.  I feel like they’d had more info if the lady was still there.

While I’m not saying don’t help people on the side of the road, I am saying look for things that seem out of place.  It’s like Will Smith in the original ‘Men In Black”, when he was doing the shooting range and shot the girl, but was like what 9-year-old studies Quantum Physics and walks home at night, on a street full of aliens.  Use that same kind of judgment when stopping to help ANYONE out.

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