The felines, who first got our attention during the first round of the pandemic in 2020, are back and feisty as ever, battling over food in Bill's Man-Cave.

This week, legendary WOOD-TV meteorologist Bill Steffen returned to broadcasting from home due to the latest Covid outbreak, and that's great for Channel 8 viewers because it also means his fat cats were back at it, stealing the show by fighting with him for air time.

And at this point, one has to think it's intentional. One could easily round the cats up at broadcast time and put them somewhere where they wouldn't be seen, but why? Cat battles are what the people want, and cat battles we shall have.

Fellow meteorologist Ellen Bacca posted the latest cat shenanigans this week, which showed the dreaded white cat moving in on the tabby's dinner time, causing some trash talk (or hissing in this case).

As you may recall, it was the tabby that got the better of the first on-air fight between the cats back in April of 2020, although the white cat was pretty game and hung in there, forcing the tabby to retreat.

The tabby is clearly Bill's favorite, as it made another appearance in September of 2020, staring at Bill as if the weather forecast was secondary to HIS needs. 

At this point, if I were Bill, I would set up a little cat octagon in the Man Cave and just have a daily TikTok feed where the cats fight, MMA style for supremacy.

It's a free idea, Bill, you don't even have to credit me, I just want to see that tabby whup that white cat's butt.

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