The Piano Man isn't just making music -- he's also making political statements.

Billy Joel raised eyebrows Monday night (August 21) when he wore a yellow Star of David on his jacket while performing at New York City's Madison Square Garden, PEOPLE reports. The singer wore a patch adorned on both his front and his back, a statement in step with Joel's criticism of President Trump and his administration during the concert.

Teaming up with Patty Smyth, the two performed "Goodbye to You" while photos of former Trump staffers played in the background, according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

It was a powerful and surprising move by the 68-year-old icon, who wore the star as a protest against the neo-Nazi movement that has become a topic of heated debate in the wake of the events in Charlottesville earlier this month.

Joel's ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, and their daughter Alexa Ray Joel also attended Monday's show, with Alexa expressing her admiration for her dad's actions on Instagram.

Joel's parents are Jewish, but he has admittedly remained reluctant to take a stand on controversial subjects.

“I try to stay out of politics," he told Rolling Stone just this past June. "I am a private citizen and I have a right to believe in my own political point of view, but I try not to get up on a soapbox and tell people how to think."

Clearly, though, something has changed since Joel first made those comments. His political fashion statement did not go unnoticed, either—not by a long shot.

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