Binge television watchers just love shows like Netflix's "House of Cards" because the entire series is available all at once.

That means there will probably be plenty of folks watching the third season premiere of the Netflix series, where Kevin Spacey plays fictional Vice President Frank Underwood with presidential aspirations.

Two words: Binge watching, instead of going to the movies. And a new survey out shows binge watching's on the rise.

Century 21 Real Estate commissioned a binge watching survey in anticipation of the "House of Cards" premiere, and lo and behold 58 percent of adults have admitted to overindulged viewing.

So for those who haven't binge watched, you're in the minority, according to the survey done by The Harris Poll.

For those who have binged on TV shows or series, 99 percent do so at home, 70 percent watch with others and 62 percent would leave a companion behind to watch ahead.

Of millennials (18- to 34-year-olds), 78 percent are binge watchers. Unmarried co-bingers are more likely than their married counterparts to watch ahead of a binge partner (44 percent versus 31 percent, respectively).

About a quarter binge with friends (26 percent) or children (24 percent), while more than one in 10 binge with siblings (15 percent) or parents (13 percent). Nearly half of binge watchers with children younger than 18 years old do marathon viewing with their kids.

The online survey was done Jan. 13-15 and 14-16 by The Harris Poll, which surveyed 4,053 adults age 18 years old and older, with 2,265 claiming they had binge watched a TV show or series.

Century 21 Real Estate/PR NewsFoto
Century 21 Real Estate/PR NewsFoto

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