Technology continues to make our lives easier and more fulfilled. From webcams that can help us watch our kids and pets knock things over in the kitchen while we are at work, to TV's and internet that allow us to watch football games at the local Home Improvement Store, The wonder that is the internet is all around us.

Another way to use the tech to help our lives. Black Friday. I don't care what you say about not shopping on Thanksgiving or "Im going to do all my shopping online" there is a reason all these places open earlier and earlier every year, and thousands will line up outside stores looking for a $99 dollar big screen TV at 4am. So why not plan your shopping trip smart.

No need to wait for the newspaper on Thanksgiving to see whats on sale. The internet has many websites--including store's own pages--with all the ads, weeks before BF.

Here's one of the best, if not THE best.

Id like my TV to be a 40 incher, thank you very much.


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