Bill Ward says he's not sure if he's still a member of Black Sabbath, though he notes that he's "neither severed not discontinued my relationship" with the group.

His comments come in the middle of a war of words between the drummer and frontman Ozzy Osbourne over a failed reunion in 2012. Ward said earlier this week that he'd be happy to let bygones be bygones -- as long as Osbourne apologized. The singer fired back a few days later, saying his former bandmate is distorting the truth about why the drummer wasn't part of Black Sabbath's 13 album and tour.

After years of estrangement, it's unclear now to Ward what role, if any, he still has in the band he co-founded. "That's a good question; I wonder myself actually," Ward told Rolling Stone in an interview conducted before Osbourne responded yesterday. "I don't know. I'd probably have to ask my legal department. I'm actually not sure. I've always regarded myself as a member of Black Sabbath, so ... "

Ward also confirmed that he has not been approached about participating in Black Sabbath's upcoming follow up to 13, which they say will be the group's last. (Sabbath recorded 13 with Rage Against the Machine's Brad Wilk and toured with Osbourne's regular solo drummer Tommy Clufetos.) Nevertheless, Ward still considers himself a member of Black Sabbath. "I haven't left," he added. "If I was leaving the band, I would make a statement saying I've actually left the band."

Ward reiterated that all would be forgiven if Osbourne makes amends. "If we ever get past this impasse, and I ever get an apology directly from him, then I would want to play with Black Sabbath as I've done all the years," Ward said. "That's how it would be with me."

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