Normally a full moon in January is called a wolf moon but this Sunday it will be called a blood moon when it turns red during the lunar eclipse.

According to WOOD, this Sunday evening will be an exciting one for those who enjoy catching a glimpse of a lunar eclipse. If the weather is on our side, the moon will be very close to the Earth making it look larger than usual.

During the eclipse, when the moon reaches totality or the peak of the eclipse, the moon will look blood red as it goes by the Earth's shadow. Many call this the blood moon.

For you sky watchers, have your camera's ready because the moon will begin its transformation at 11:41 p.m. and the event will last one hour.

This could be a great opportunity to have some fun with some photos like when the blood moon is above a statue or building at the right time. Perhaps other creative ideas you may have when capturing your photo.

The are a lot of myths in several different cultures regarding the blood moon. Some cultures in China believed the blood moon was when a three legged toad swallowed the moon while other Chinese cultures would ring bells to keep dragons or other animals from swallowing the moon. The Mesopotamians believed the moon was being attacked by seven demons.

Sunday night could be a great experience for young kids who have never witnessed a blood moon if they can stay up that late. One good thing is most kids have Monday off from school to sleep in.


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