For the past year we have been hearing a lot about a University of Michigan doctor who abused athletes for years, one of those students was Bo Schembechler's son.

Case after case keeps coming out regarding the late U of M doctor Robert Anderson and sexual abuse cases and many say at the time of many of the incidents, legendary football coach Bo Schembechler was made aware of the abuse.

According to WOOD, Bo Schembechler's son, Matt Schembechler, says he was also one of the student athletes that was sexually abused by team doctor, Dr. Robert Anderson.

There have been several questions posed on why Bo Schembecler didn't do something to stop the abuse or even have it looked into.

In the afternoon of June 10, Matt Schembechler is going to hold a press conference to discuss the sexual abuse issue regarding the doctor and how his fathers failed to protect him along with other student athletes.

Report after report has come in from athletes going back nearly 30 years that include hundreds of former U of M athletes. Some say the number of abused is somewhere around 850.

Matt Schembechler won't be the only one at the news conference that will happen at 1 p.m. Schembechler will also be accompanied by two other survivors, Daniel Kwaitkowski and Gilvanni Johnson.

According to attorney firm WilmerHale, both Kwaitkowski and Johnson say they told Bo Schembechler about the doctors abuse and he replied, "toughen up". The former coach also said he would do something about it but unfortunately that never happened.

Even though several athletes reported the abuse to Schembechler, other coaches, trainers and athletic department staff members for decades, Anderson kept his job until 2003.

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