Bob Dylan and his lawyers have labeled the sexual abuse lawsuit levied against the singer as "fraudulent" and a “brazen shakedown” by his accuser.

Last August, the plaintiff -- referred to only as "J.C." in the court documents -- filed a lawsuit claiming Dylan “befriended and established an emotional connection” with her over a “six-week period between April and May of 1965” when the woman was 12-years old. It further alleged that the singer supplied the plaintiff with drugs and alcohol, sexually abused her and threatened her with physical violence.

Dylan historians quickly called into question the woman’s timeline, as it did not seem possible that the two parties could have been in the same location when the alleged abuse happened.

“This case – based on plaintiff’s alleged interactions with Bob Dylan more than 56 years ago — is a brazen shakedown masquerading as a lawsuit,” the musician’s lawyers declared in their new court complaint, as relayed by Rolling Stone. “It was filed in bad faith for the improper purpose of extracting a huge payout on the threat of negative publicity. The allegation is false, malicious, reckless and defamatory. Mr. Dylan will not be extorted.”

In their pointed response, Dylan’s lawyers also questioned many other, unrelated claims the accuser has made over the years, including that she has been abducted by aliens and has psychic powers.

“According to her own website, plaintiff is a psychic who specializes in ‘channeling’ the deceased loved ones of grieving families — for a fee,” the new filing states, adding that the woman claims “she speaks to cats, dogs and other animals — alive and dead — as well as insects and plants.”

“Mr. Dylan may have seemed like an easy mark for the lawyers who filed and hoped to profit off of this fraudulent lawsuit,” the musician’s filing continues. “They likely assumed he would not be up for the fight and would instead pay extortion to avoid the burden, publicity, and expense of defending himself. They could not have been more wrong. Mr. Dylan seeks and will achieve justice, vindication and full accountability.”

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Peter Gleason, one of the accuser’s lawyers, responded to Dyaln’s legal team by saying, “Neither my client or her counsel are going to be bullied.”

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