In 1984, three years before they were best friends on television, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier first met in Michigan. The sitcom stars starred together in a Big Boy commercial.

Michigan can claim the Mighty Mac,  the Motown sound, Ford Motor Company, Faygo, KMart, and Little Caesar's Pizza. Bob Seger is ours and Tim Allen is our favorite adopted son. The late Bob Saget was not from Michigan, but he loved it here and came back often. The Great Lakes State is also where he and Dave Coulier met for the first time. Saget told MLive,

I met Dave when he was 17 at a bar in Detroit called Delta Lady that had a comedy night. I saw Dave there when I was 21. After that, Dave stayed on my couch in Los Angeles. He gave us an ad for the Elias Brothers. In it, Dave and I are walking into a salad bar. I wore a Viking hat Wearing it too. It’s absolutely pathetic.

-Bob Saget

Elis Brothers, better known as Big Boy, is another Michigan business we are proud of. The TV commercial: not so much. Saget is right, the ad is a little pathetic, but these two look SO YOUNG. This was 1984, three years before Danny Tanner recruited his brother-in-law Jesse and best friend Joey to help raise the girls on Full House. In real life, Saget and Coulier remained best of friends after their work together in Full House for 8 years from 1987-1995 and then Fuller House from 2016-2020.

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