If you have Valentines Day dinner plans in your future, you better make your reservations now, some West Michigan restaurants are already booked up.

Since restaurants and bars have reopened in Michigan, there has been a steady flow of people wanting to get out and enjoy a meal with a family member or friend and the same goes for those who have wanted to socialize over a few drinks.

With restaurants and bars running at 25% capacity, it doesn't take long for a place to fill up and the last thing a restaurant wants right now is for long lines to be wrapped around their establishment in this cold plus pandemic conditions.

The best thing you can do is plan a head and book your reservation now if a sit down dinner is your plan for Valentines Day.

According to WOOD, the general manager of Bistro Bella Vita in Grand Rapids, Tristan Walczewski, says even though they're only allowed to be open at 25% capacity, they've been very busy. Leading up to this weekend, all of their tables are already full.

Restaurants are glad to be back in business and excited about the enthusiasm of the patrons. Many restaurant owners were not sure when they reopened if the demand would be there and it is.

With there being a demand for people to get back to a table and enjoy a nice meal with their significant other, get your reservation in now or you will be the one cooking for your sweetie on Valentines Day.

If you plan on dining out this Sunday for Valentines Day, don't forget, the pandemic is still rolling along and with the new variants of COVID-19 starting to spread, it is more important than ever to have your mask on, social distance and respect others space as you would like your space respected. Plus we want to keep these restaurants open so they can sooner than later be a full capacity.

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