Oxford High School Shooting Update:

Oakland County Police have confirmed that 3 people are dead due to the shooting. Six others were shot, including one teacher. The police have the shooter in custody and have confirmed that the suspect is a 15-year-old sophomore. They have also confirmed that the shooter used a semi-automatic handgun, and there were a total of 15-20 shots fired.

Original breaking story below.

Oxford High School has been placed on lockdown after the school reported an emergency involving an active shooter.

Multiple sources have come released information about the situation at Oxford High School this afternoon. The reports started coming in after word of the emergency was spreading on Facebook through parent groups.

Oxford Schools Text
Oxford Schools Text

The situation has caused schools around Oxford High School to also go into lockdown. Lapeer High School posted the message below shortly after the news broke.

WWJ is reporting that police do have one suspect in custody, along with a gun. They do not think there is another shooter right now, but the scene is still an active crime scene.

The Oakland County Undersheriff has reported that there were multiple victims involved, but there is no word on how they are doing. New reports are that six people have been injured during the shooting.

All students that were evacuated were sent next door to the Meijer. The police are using that Meijer as a meeting place for students and parents.

This is a developing story, and we will continue to keep updating as information becomes available. Our hearts are with everyone involved in this situation.

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