Even Bret Michaels' biggest fans know better than to expect Eddie Van Halen-style guitar pyrotechnics when they show up for one of the Poison frontman's solo gigs. Many of them still want to be able to hear him play, however.

And since Bret Michaels is all about giving the people what they want, he powered through a sound mix-up during his recent appearance on the 'Fox & Friends' talk show, halting the opening number in his set as part of the network's 'All-American Summer Concert Series' when it became clear that his guitar wasn't working.

Undaunted when a second attempt fell similarly flat, he proved his professionalism by taking another pass; fortunately for the legions of Michaels admirers waiting with bated breath for the show to begin, the third time was the charm, and with technical snafus safely out of the way, he and the band commenced to rockin'.

With Poison off the road this summer, Michaels is out promoting his latest solo single, 'A Beautiful Soul,' released in April, as well as his most recent album, the guest star-studded 'Jammin' with Friends.' This is the second time a stop on Michaels' 2014 tour has been disrupted; in late May, he had to be rushed from the stage and treated by paramedics after suffering diabetic complications. Here's hoping future dates run far more smoothly.

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