Bret Michaels failed to take the stage for the Rockin' 4 A Reason concert in Champaign, IL, benefiting the Champaign County Humane Society on Oct. 30 -- but he had a really good reason for missing the show.

Michaels' guitarist, Pete Evick, filled fans in on the reason for Michaels' absence with a lengthy Facebook note posted Nov. 10, revealing that issues with his kidneys forced Michaels off the road in spite of what sound like herculean efforts to make it to the gig. In fact, Evick insists that once they had the Poison singer safely in a hospital bed, they "basically refused to release him."

According to Evick, Michaels "spent the evening in the hospital and they had to put two stents in his body" on Oct. 30, after which he "managed to bust out of the hospital and get to Memphis just minutes before our scheduled performance time to a huge crowd at our tailgate concert on Halloween night for the Memphis Tigers." And although he made it through that show without incident, the following night he injured himself, requiring further medical attention; as Evick puts it, "Jumping around with two stents was a bad idea. I can't explain the amount of blood or where it came from, but it was horrifying on his bus after the show."

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Michaels has faced medical drama. Earlier this year, he had to be treated by paramedics during a show, and that incident followed an emergency appendectomy, heart surgery and brain hemorrhaging. Evick insists, however, that Michaels is determined to make the rest of his scheduled dates for the remainder of 2014.

"Bret continues to be steadfast in his dedication to bring the music to the people. He truly has to be held down to not perform," wrote Evick. "While the last few weeks have been tragic, Bret continues to be an inspiration in his ability to push on." Given that Poison reportedly intend to tour next year, he'll need to keep an extra careful eye on his health.

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