If you've ever enjoyed the eccentric Christmas display at the Broadway Bar, they could use a shot of your help right now.

The west side tradition of dining at the Broadway Bar during the Christmas season has been put on hold by the pandemic lockdown rules. So like many other small businesses, the Broadway is looking at possible closure without its big money maker.

The tavern, located at 6th and Broadway, depends on its Christmas traffic to make ends meet, and without they are on the ropes. Nicki Landon, whose family owns the bar says they get 80 percent of their yearly revenue from Christmas.

The bar is decked out every Holiday season with heaps of old school Christmas ornaments, trees, and statuary, that runs the fine line between tacky and glorious.

I've gone there every Christmas since I've moved here, and I can tell you it creates such a homey feeling that you feel familiar amongst total strangers. I could try to explain it to you, but my words would fall short. It's truly a local legend.

“Adults love it almost more than the children do, I really think,” Landon told WOOD-TV 8, “I think this (helps them escape) from their whole entire day… That might be the best thing.”

If you have ever made it out to the Broadway Bar at Christmas, and would like to help keep a long standing Grand Rapids Holiday tradition alive, a fund raiser has been set up for them online. 



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