Summer is coming soon (even though it might snow this week....) and how freaking awesome would it be to have your own private island in the Great Lakes?

This island between Lake Huron and Lake Superior with TWO cozy cabin could be yours! That is, if you've got  $495,000 laying around...

According to MLive, the property for sale is Howard Island. It's two acres of land that sits in Potogannissing Bay in the U.P.,  just off the north shore of Drummond Island

The Drummond Island Realty listing boasts two furnished log cabins, both with stone fireplaces, a boathouse/ garage, and a protected harbor for the pontoon and motor that go with the sale.

"This gem, lying north of Drummond Island in Potaganissing Bay, packs a lot of bang in a small package! This is a high wooded island with deep water off the shore, protected harbor for the pontoon and motor that go with the sale and plenty of room for other boats and toys. The island is in the middle of a bay dotted with islands, priceless views and peacefulness. This island offers serene beauty and a kind of relaxation you don't find often in life. Lying North and South, you can watch both the sunrise and sunset!"


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