A couple of nights ago I saw a commercial on late night TV for something I hadn't seen in a long time. A psychic reading phone number. Who calls anyone anymore anyway? All I could think was "Is this a reboot of the 'Psychic Friends Network' wih Dionne Warwick?" No, I think she is dead.

Or not. Ms. Warwick is 72 and still performs from time to time. ANYWHO so I saw this commercial for the California Psychics. A new psychic line with a great offer! Just a dollar a minute for the first call! Here, watch this persuasive YouTube commercial.

What this ad DOESN'T tell you is that the next call you make, the rates go up slightly...from 4 to 13 DOLLARS A MINUTE. That's not a typo. On the actual ad they played on TV they HAVE to state that. On the YouTube video they dont.

So as always, buyer beware. And remember, it's for "entertainment purposes only"

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