Some people say you can. With one huge caveat.

A post on the Grand Rapids page on Reddit proposed this theory: if you drive the speed limit on the East Beltline (either north or south), would it mean you hit every green light?

Evidently, many main roads are timed to reward those who stay within a few mph of the speed limit. Some roads on the east side of the state even have signs that say 'Lights are timed to the speed limit' to encourage lawfulness.

So could you, in theory, drive the length of the Beltline without having to stop by staying to the speed limit.

Commenters on the Reddit post doubted such nonsense, but two listeners to The Jojo Show claimed to to have done it. One going north, the other going south.

"There have been times when I have left my office at Burton and the Beltline and gotten to Rockford with hitting no lights, or maybe one light," one caller said, although he added, it would have to be late at night or early morning to pull it off.

Another caller said he's done it southbound from the Beltline onto Broadmoor toward Gun Lake. But he added the most important caveat, 'if you don't have a bunch of morons in front of you, you can travel between 55-57 mph and do it.'

Ah, but those morons. They seem to be on the Beltline a lot.

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