There's fast. There's speeding. And then there's whatever this is.

A team of Swedes hit Nevada's Route 160 this past weekend and took out a Koenigsegg Agera RS for a ride. Not just any ride, though: driver Niklas Lilja got the vehicle to zoom at an average of 277.9 miles per hour, making it the fastest speed by a production car.

Lilja went out for a pair of runs, one in which he topped out at 272 miles per hour, while the other saw a top speed of 284 miles per hour.

In the above video, you can experience what it was like from the driver's perspective. It's riveting stuff, almost like the video is on fast forward when in reality the car is cruising along at speeds you'd never think of trying to achieve.

As for what it was like to be behind the wheel during the stunt, Lilja claims it was just another day on the road for him. "I wasn't nervous," he said. "The only hesitation was over the tires, as you always know that something could happen."

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