I got to admit, of all stories this past week… the car that went off in the Kalamazoo River in Battle Creek has been on the top of my “what’s the latest?” list.

According to all the local news stations, Police and rescue teams have been searching the river since March 4th when people called police to say they saw a car go off the road, through a fence and end up in the river.

Towards the end of this past week, police released a pretty grainy video showing a car floating down the river. They even believed the driver was a missing man from Detroit.

Due to weather and the river moving too fast, rescue efforts were postponed a few days, but Sunday according to the report from WZZM, a fisherman saw a vehicle in the river, which started the search again.

WZZM reports that police did find the vehicle in the river around Washington Street late on Sunday afternoon.

The mystery of where the guy is that rented the wrecked vehicle remains a mystery, because when they removed the vehicle, no one was inside. This story for me has just stepped up a bit, because now (like his family) I want to know where is the guy they thought was in the car.

At least we now know he’s not still in the car…

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