I'm not just talking about belongings in the car... I'm talking about the whole car itself!

The Grand Rapids Police Department put out a warning and some tips for residents to be mindful when it comes to their vehicles. Law enforcement has been seeing a high increase of vehicles being stolen in the county.

So how are so many thieves getting away with it? Honestly, it's really easy because they are going around looking for unlocked vehicles. You may think that leaving your car running for just a minute might not be a big deal, but that's all it takes. No matter what, officials say make it a habit to lock your car and take your keys with you every time.

It may sound annoying to do it EVERY time but it's better to be safe than sorry. I remember once I read something about thieves stealing peoples bags and purses at the gas station. Unsuspecting people will leave their car unlocked and their belongings on the passenger seat while they're pumping gas... making it easy for a thief to grab your stuff and you not even know what just happened. I've gotten so used to it now to always lock my car when I go to the gas station.

Not only is car theft up, but so are the crimes associated with it. The GRPD says

...thieves are driving recklessly, often at dangerous speeds, to avoid arrest. Over the past few months, there has also been an uptick in stolen cars being used in other serious crimes.

Another reminder to not keep valuables in your car either because cars being broken into has also gone up around the Grand Rapids area.

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