Dedicated carpool lanes in urban areas could be coming to Michigan if a pair of bills are passed in the Michigan house and senate.

A bill to add high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes has been introduced to both the house and senate and awaits a vote.  The bills would give lawmakers the ability to designate HOV lanes in urban areas that would require at least 2 people in the car to travel in the lane.

Other states, such as California, have seens better traffic flow when HOV lanes are introduced in urban areas.  The idea is that the HOV lane will constantly be moving and will be far less likely to get bogged down during peak traffic times.

Right now, there are a few HOV lanes that exist in Michigan, including lanes on NB/SB I-75 to be completed in 2023 as well as a section of Michigan Ave. in Detroit.  And with the passage of the bills, HOV lanes could be a common sight on freeways and in densely populated areas of the state.

There is no current timeline as to when these new bills would be passed or when and where the HOV lanes would be implemented.

Would you like to see carpool lanes in Michigan cities?  Let us know by voting in the poll below.

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