This feline's got a bad cat-itude.

In a video that will only further back up the claim made by dog people that cats are not nice, a kitty has no problem expressing her rage when her owner has the audacity to bring home a porcelain statue of a cat.

Maybe the cat was afraid of a cat that somehow moves less than a live cat actually does. Maybe the cat was confused by the presence of a fake cat. Maybe the cat felt threatened she would be replaced. We could go on and on with theories, but the bottom line is this feline was angry. We're talking a-liberal-can't-believe-Donald Trump-will-actually-run-the-country angry.

In the end, the cat learned about the joys of co-existence, though. Her owner wrote, "She's okay now," which in cat-speak really translates to she's simply planning on ways to make the statue break into pieces in an unfortunate "accident" because cats, in one form or another, are all about vengeance.

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