A new brewery will be joining Beer City next year.

This will be the second location for Cedar Springs Brewing scheduled to open in 2020 on Bridge St. in Grand Rapids. However, it'll go by a different name, Küsterer Brauhaus, with a cool backstory.

The new location is named after Christoph Kusterer, who immigrated to Grand Rapids from Germany in 1844. Kusterer started a brewery in 1847 less than a mile away from what will become Küsterer Brauhaus in 2020. (via Fox17).

Considering Cedar Springs Brewing is known for its German beer this makes perfect sense. Bridge St. is one of my favorites to bar hop so I'm excited there's going to be another one to hop to. Not literally, that could get dangerous lol.

The owners of the brewery told FOX 17 that this new location will have a traditional German hall experience, including its beer and food.

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