The annual Red Flannel Festival is traditionally the first weekend of October, and the Red Hawks football team will wear red flannel in this Friday's game to celebrate.

Let me preface this story by saying these uniforms aren't actually made from red flannel. That would make the team excessively hot and probably very sweaty. But they are designed to look like red flannel, and to that end, they look pretty sharp.

The Cedar Springs High School team is 3-1 on the young season, and since they will be out of town the actual weekend of Red Flannel Days, the team will sport the new look this Friday when they host Forest Hills Eastern at Skinner Field.

The look is called their "Hometown Brotherhood" uniform and was introduced this week on Twitter and Instagram by head coach Gus Kapolka.

My guess is that toting that big old sledgehammer out onto the field is a tradition at Cedar, and it kind of ties with the whole Lumberjack feel of the new look.

Good luck to the Red Hawks Friday, and if you don't know anything about Cedar Springs and Red Flannel, head to the Red Flannel Festival web site and educate yourself about what went down in 1939, my friend.

The community's response to the new look has been very positive. One guy posted nothing about a series of fire emojis, followed by hand claps, and another Tweet called them "Legendary."

I only hope the Red Hawks are more like Michigan than the Lions when it comes to special uniforms. M blasted Washington when sporting all blue unis, while the Lions debuted their new threads with a resounding loss to Green Bay.


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