Game of Thrones dropped a major finale last night, and the celebrity hot takes were as scorching as dragon fire.

You weren't too busy watching the VMAs were you? If you were, y'all done missed out. The Season 7 finale of HBO's sprawling fantasy epic lived up to almost all of the hype, and delivered some major moments for all our favorite characters. Heck, even some of the characters we hated got some play, and it all set up the stage for season eight's impending throwdowns.

Before we get that far though, we've got to take the temperature of some of our favorite celebs and how they felt about this season's final moments. Spoilers: most of them can't even.

Arya herself warned us before the finale dropped that we weren't ready. No matter how many breathing exercises we performed or kill lists we whispered, Maisie Williams was right. We just weren't ready for all those truths.

Leslie Jones again proved she's one of the best live television commentators working on social media right now with her string of thoughts on Jon Snow, Daenerys, the White Walkers and the baddest of them all, Queen Cersei.

RIP Kristin Chenoweth. You will be remembered for being a wonderful performer and for falling for Game of Thrones too hard. Cue up the Sarah McLachlan.

Auto-tuned maestro T-Pain had a lot of thoughts, and this was probably the tamest we could share with you. If you really want to see the inner-most thoughts of T-Pain, you'll have to do that on your own time.

Twitter's instant reactions kept throwing Octavia Spencer for a loop. Though she thought she had a handle on the whole Jon Snow's lineage thing, she began to question her own knowledge. Octavia, you were right, girl. Don't buy into other people telling you better lies.

The Game of Thrones finale was so shocking for Mindy Kaling, the comedian was at a loss for words. Even our foremost emojiologists had a hard time working out what she had to say here, but once we cracked the code, we couldn't help but agree about that butt.

We couldn't agree more with Sarah Hyland. Despite the ups and downs of this season, and the prior one, Season 7's Game of Thrones conclusion gave us everything we needed. You know, except immediately going into the start of Season 8.

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