Expansion of the Canadian Football League (CFL) has crossed the border into American once in its history. As the CFL has ongoing flirtations with expanding the current 9 team league, they may took to target a potential fanbase in Michigan.

While it's unlikely an expansion would happen with Michigan's borders, Detroit's Canadian next door neighbor, Windsor, Ontario, may be a possible expansion target.

The CFL has attempted expansion into the United States in the past. From 1993 through 1995, there were American teams in the league representing Sacramento, Shreveport, Baltimore, Birmingham, San Antonio, Las Vegas and Memphis. The Baltimore Stallions won the Grey Cup championship in 1995 becoming the only non-Canadian team to ever win the cup.

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The CFL's current expansion exploration has long eyed Atlantic Canada, a region of the country where the CFL has never fielded a team. However, those plans now appear defunct.

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The question came up recently on the CFL Fans in the US Facebook group. Of course, since the group is geared towards American fans, the answers were largely slanted towards this country. Windsor, Ontario, was a popular answer.

I think Windsor—-they could pull fans from the Detroit area

Windsor is my choice, especially if they want to promote the CFL in America. It's close enough to Detroit, Toledo and several other medium sized markets that they could be "America's CFL Team".

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A move to Windsor would put a fourth team in Ontario. While it is the country's largest providence, only Alberta has 2 teams. BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec have one team.

So should the CFL ever come close to Michigan, would you make an effort to check out the team and watch the Canadian product?

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