What some people won't do to get their point across.

WZZM 13 on Your Side weather guy Michael Behrens was trying to be helpful.

An icy, wintery mix was falling late Saturday, and Michael decided to show folks how easy it is to not see how icy the roads are, so he decided to slide across the ice on the Channel 13 weather patio.

Bad move.

Michael took a serious tumble on live TV. But, you know what, if you saw it, you would say, 'I ain't driving tonight, that's WAY too icy.

Now I know there's a a few of you, like myself, who are thinking, 'did he fall on purpose?' And to you I say, 'probably'.

But that's dedication, to take a bruised butt in the name of letting people know how icy the roads are, wouldn't you say?

Plus, he nearly concussed himself by hitting his head on the patio, so big props to Michael for getting off the mat, and finishing up the forecast.

Frigid weather, and remnants of recent lake effect snow will reveal some slick spots of what is often referred to as 'black ice', or as I call it, 'invisible ice' since it's not really black, so drive careful out there.

And also, don't try to slide across your icy patio. As my mom used to say, "It's all fun and games until you crack your head open."






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