A little girl held up a sign asking if she could sing a song with Trey Anastasio, he saw it and the rest is just flat out cute.

Anastasio Was Performing A Solo Show At Meijer Gardens

Trey, who is one of the founding members of the band Phish, was performing an acoustic set in front of a sold out crowd at Meijer Garden Monday night, and had just returned for an encore when he spied a young girl holding up a sign asking if she could sing the song, "Bug" with him.

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The girl, who first had to correct Anastasio after he called her Sophie when her name was Jovi, appeared both nervous and excited when she was on stage with the legendary guitar player, but she soon settled down and handled the song like a real pro.

The beautiful moment was captured by long-time Phish fan Scott Marks, who posted it to his Twitter feed this morning and it's already notched over 69,000 views.

It Was An Impromptu Moment That Makes Live Shows Special

The song, which is philosophical in nature, was given new life by young Jovie, who was quickly joined in unison by the crowd for the chorus. In the second verse, Trey had to feed her a few lines, but it was one of those little moments that makes going to a live show special. I'm just glad they're back!

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Several different angles of the song were posted on social media today, here are a couple of different views.

Trey Anastasio's solo tour continues tonight in Interlochen, and Phish's summer tour resumes July 15 in Mansfield, MA. Phish will be at Alpine Valley just north of Chicago for a couple of shows August 12 and 13.


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Phish Performs On Coney Island
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