Gary Danielson, Billy Sims, Dexter Bussey. I'm sorry did you say DEXTER BUSSEY?! He of the gigantic shoulder pads?

Oh yeah! Check out this old school Lions game from the '80s, featuring a 87 yard touchdown from Billy Sims in only his second game with the team.

This was the second NFL game for Sims, a rookie back then out of Oklahoma and the reigning Heisman Trophy winner.

Danielson, who's now a college football announcer on CBS, was arguably the last good quarterback the team had until Matthew Stafford.

The Lions started the 1980 season by winning their first four games before fading down the stretch (as they always do). They wound up the season 9-7 and although they tied Minnesota for the Division title, they missed the playoffs on the tiebreaker.

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