I love old maps. I could spend hours on this one alone.

It's a 1936 road map of Michigan, before there were freeways and before some of the roads were even paved.

Reddit user Thomp2mp posted this 1936 road map over the weekend.

Just the Grand Rapids inset alone is pretty interesting.

Leonard Street was the main route to the Lakeshore, and Lake Michigan Drive was just a short shot to Bridge Street, which also went to the Lake as Route 50 (it's now M-45).

And is that a mistake or was Covell then known as Cowell Road? And Broadway stayed Broadway when you turned left at Ann Street?

thomp2map via Imgur
thomp2map via Imgur

M-16 was the main east/west trunk between Detroit and Grand Rapids, and US 2 in the Upper Peninsula wasn't even paved west of the ferry at US-31 (Now I-75).

You can link to the entire map here.

And this link takes you to the rest of the map, including city inserts like Detroit, Flint and Lansing.

And the Reddit comments on the map are pretty interesting as well.




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