The sad fact that someone may have tossed away a winning Powerball ticket hurts my soul.

The Ticket Expires Thursday, May 5

The clock is ticking on the ticket which, according to Michigan Lottery officials was purchased for the Powerball game of May 5, 2021 from the Warren Market on Mound Road in Warren, just north of Detroit. It has the winning numbers of 16-23-28-40-63 on it and is worth over a million dollars. Certainly an amount someone could retire on if they were may age.

The ticket officially expires at 4:45pm Thursday. If no one claims it by then, the money will go into the Michigan School Fund. And as much as I love schools, I'd rather see someone who needs that money, get it.

If YOU are the winner . . . first of all, YOU'RE WELCOME.  Also, call the Michigan Lottery NOW at 517-373-1237.

It May Be The Second Winning Lottery Ticket To Expire This Week

Lottery officials said a winning $150,000 ticket expired unclaimed last week. That ticket was purchased in Clarkston, MI.

Believe it or not, expired tickets, while not terribly common, do happen more than you would expect. You may remember back in 1998 when a $34 million ticket expired, causing many, including myself, to cringe with pain. Oh, how I would have LOVED to have that money.

So if you know anyone in Warren, call them and have them check every hiding place in their homes because I would really love them to be the winner.

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