When I was younger I really looked up to Chris Farley. He was easily my favorite comedian as he made me feel comfortable about the way I looked at a time where my self image wasn't so nice. Farley, like John Belushi before him, got his rise at Second City in Chicago and eventually made it to SNL, then taking on film before his incredibly untimely passing. I remember that was the first time a celebrities death seriously affected me. I was so hurt and upset. He seriously made such a huge impact on my life and knowing I'd never be able to tell him that crushed me.

But Chris' larger than life personality will always live on through his films and the people who knew him best, like Tom Arnold. Tom was a regular guest on SNL and him and Chris were apparently closer than I realized. When Tom got married in 1995, it was held in Dearborn, MI and Chris was actually his best man. Tom shared a picture of the occasion on his Twitter a few years back:

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Before Chris Farley left, he was actually slated to be the voice of Shrek. Although Mike Myers did an excellent job, when you see this lost script reading, you get a feel that a lot of Chris Farley's personality, who he really was, was coming out through this character. Who knows what would have been, but it's a pretty sobering video. We still miss you Chris.

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