There is a Christmas tree that is the most expensive in history and worth nearly $16 million dollars and that is with no presents under the tree.

According to WZZM, there is a tree in Spain that is decorated with crystals, diamonds, gold and precious jewels.

Debbie Wingham designed the tree that is on display at Kempinski Hotel Bahia. I wonder how the keep the guest from pulling off an ornament?

There are red, white, pink and black diamonds on the tree. There are high end bottles of perfume on the tree. Real ostrich eggs that have been decorated with Swarovski crystals and gold leaf diamond dust.

There is one ornament that is worth $5.5 million. There is a fake 1 million dollar bill and some 100,000 dollar bills that are printed with 24 carat gold.

There is a red oval diamond that is worth millions as well as a 3 carat pink diamond that is worth 2.6 million dollars.

A tree with this expensive of decorations must have some incredible presents underneath...or at least it should.

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