Holy real estate! This 4 bedroom mid-Michigan home was once a house of worship.

Talk about cathedral ceilings... A historic 19th century church at 222 N. Main St. in Ovid, Michigan has been converted into an extraordinary home. It has hardwood floors...and pews- even a walk-in cloister. The media center in this place is a pipe organ.

Ovid is a quiet mid-Michigan town between St. Johns and Owosso- you might even say it is a sanctuary. Take a look at this real estate listing for a 4-bedroom, one bath house that was formerly a house of God. Flipping through the gallery it's hard to tell exactly how many rooms there are. It needs a little work but with more than 4,300 square feel of living area there's room to renovate. The highlight of this space is the 50' x 48' area that was once the tabernacle. Remember what they say: your home is a sanctuary.

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