It's another Classic TV Throwdown! Here's where we remember back to when there were only 15 channels, no internet, and no cell phones! How did we survive! This Classic TV Throwdown is "Best TV Cliffhanger of the 80's--"Who shot J.R." from Dallas or "Who did Sam ask to marry him?" from Cheers.

It was 30 years ago this week that America learned "Who shot J.R.?" Back in the 80's, TV seasons didn't always follow the schedule it does now. TV seasons usually start in September, and TV ratings happen in November, February, and May. So these days, most "cliffhangers" happen in May at the end of the season, and we find out the results in September at the start of the new season.

In 1981, The Dallas "Who shot J.R.?" Cliffhanger happened in March, and the results in November, It was actually this week 30 years ago we found that...Kristen did it! She was fooling around with J.R., and then shot him! That Bi**h! What was she thinking?

And in 1986 Sam and Diane were the hottest on-again, off-again couple on TV...Sam broke up with his congresswoman chick, calls someone from the bar, and asks them to marry him...who did Sam ask? Well of course, it was Diane!

So the question to you, fair reader is, which was the better TV Cliffhanger? Dallas or Cheers? On your voting devices, vote now!


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