Only seven colleges have more than one starter in the Super Bowl on Sunday, and one of them is good old CMU!

The left tackle position is one of the most important in football, as you may or may not recall from Sandra Bullock's speech in the movie 'The Blind Side'.

The left tackle is highly paid in the NFL because as Sandra says 'The first check you write is for the mortgage, the second is for the insurance.' The left tackle protects the quarterback from all he cannot see, hence the term 'blind side'.

And both the starting left tackles in Sunday's Super Bowl 54 are Michigan born and bred, both in high school and in college, and both are Central Michigan alums. Rockford's Joe Staley will start for the 49ers,  and Rochester's Eric Fisher will start for the Chiefs.

The last time the Super Bowl had both starting left tackles from the same university was in 1985 when the University of Michigan (yea, Michigan again and again!!) had alums Bubba Paris of the 49ers and Jon Geisler of the Dolphins both start the game.

Other stats from this CMU Football Facebook post:

* Only 7 other schools have at least two starters in Sunday's Super Bowl: The last two national champions, Clemson and LSU, Notre Dame, Oregon, Iowa and BYU. Pretty good company to be in!

* Staley and Fisher have a combined 279 career starts between them and both have been to the Pro Bowl, and Staley has been to three.

* Both were first round draft picks.




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