Mid American Conference football players attending the league's Media Day had no love for Central Michigan University's Kelly Shorts Stadium.

Asked by Detroit Free Press intern reporter George Stoia where their 'least favorite place to play' in the Conference was during the MAC Media Day, the league's football players voted CMU.

Mount Pleasant is by far the most northern and therefore coldest destination in the conference. Kelly Shorts Stadium is south of the main campus in what was a corn field, which means the wind whips pretty good through there, so maybe they don't like the inhospitableness of it all.

Or is it that the crowds can be raucous, making it difficult to get a win there? CMU's home record is good, but not stellar over the past few years, and the crowds can be involved, but they've also been known to lose interest quickly. (It is CMU, after all, so there's always a party going on somewhere).

Whatever the case, the players in the league don't like it in the Mountain Town, and to add injury to insult, arch rival Western Michigan tied with Northern Illinois as the best place to play in the MAC.

CMU did a get a vote for best uniforms, so at least they look good. And as they say, it's better to look good then to feel good. Right?

Leon Halip/Getty Images
Leon Halip/Getty Images

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