Tom Izzo and Phil Martelli are long time paisans, so it would be natural to embrace after their teams battled it out, but the internet would rather have some fun with it.

Michigan won a key Big Ten showdown at home Tuesday, defeating cross state rival Michigan State 87-70.

Phil Martelli, who is currently filling in for suspended Michigan coach Juwan Howard, and long time State mentor Tom Izzo, have had a long term relationship as friends going back to Phil's stint at St. Joseph's University in the '90s.

So it was a natural moment when they embraced following the game.

But the camera made it look a bit like Izzo was crying on Martelli's shoulder after the loss, and so the internet began their usual hijinx.

The following comments are from Ant Wright's Twitter feed featuring the photo.

"Unbelievable! Another Michigan coach makes open handed contact with the head of another opposing coach." -- @ElmsAndr

"Izzo went against the Family talking smack about Juwan during Black History Month. It was less of an embrace and more of a kiss of death." -- @ErmannisBookie

"When lil brother is sad you give him a hug" -- @survivedarkness

“ please coach Phil , let me come and play for you ….don’t make me go back to my lunatic dad “ -- @GDog4UM7

"Martelli is actually hitting him here if you look closely" -- @loghenk

"I can't process this photo, and I'm going to stop trying." -- @AnkerJ

"This is your friendly reminder that Tom Izzo has more Final Fours than Michigan’s entire basketball program" -- @connormuldowney

One thing's for sure, Tom sure needed a hug after that effort by the Spartans. Look at him. He's forlorn.

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