Also on the way, a Horror Town with a year round assortment of, well, horror!

Nate Thompson Will Open The Museum Of horror In Downtown Monroe

The filmmaker and horror aficionado has purchased a building in Monroe and hopes to stock it with all sorts of oddities like skulls, funeral items, dolls and wet specimens.

Okay, just the term "wet specimens" has me a little freaked out, and they haven't even opened the place yet. FYI -- a wet specimen is a medical oddity saved in formaldehyde in a jar. The king of wet specimen displays is the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia.

Do you want to see some wet specimens? Here you go. 

Elti Meshau via Unsplash
Elti Meshau via Unsplash

Museum Should Be Up And Running Just In Time For Halloween

Thompson says most of the items have been obtained and it's just a matter of moving them into the building. He told that it should be up and running by Halloween.

“We’ll have real skulls, funeral items, wet specimens, horror art, fortune telling, embalming tables you can take selfies on and a lot more,” Thompson told MLive. “We also plan to have a History of Dolls Exhibit (dating back to late 1800s), Season of The Witch exhibit, and a few other special surprises, including a witch offering cleansing services for anyone that’s afraid they may take bad energy home with them.”

Coming Later In 2023 -- "HorrorTown"

Thompson has also purchased the old Wild West Stagecoach town near Jackson in Michigan's Irish Hills. He plans to open a "HorrorTown" location there that will host a haunted house, a haunted theater, and a collectibles store exclusively for everything that’s horror themed.

"One of my goals and visions with this is that people will be able to walk past the store and there's kind of a, you know, multiple rows of Halloween masks right there in the window, and it really gives that feel of, this is a genuine horror town," Thompson told FOX2 Detroit. 

Sabina Music via Unsplash
Sabina Music via Unsplash

The two projects were going to be in the same place, until Thompson decided to get the Museum up earlier after having some electrical issues at the Stagecoach location.

Mark Your Calendars For February To Attend The Michigan Oddities And Horror Fest

Thompson's web site is also offering tickets to the "Michigan Oddities And Horror Fest", slated for February 4-5 at the FMB Expo in Monroe.

Thompson is a horror movie director with feature length videos like "The Cult Leader" and "The Death Record" on his list of credits.

Here's a trailer for his latest effort, "Cult Affairs"

Michigan's "Chamber of Horrors", 1890s



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