If you own a company or drive for a commercial company, the Michigan State Police troopers will be focusing on those kind of vehicles over the next week.

Probably the only good thing that COVID-19 had brought during the pandemic was that police were not pulling people over due to trying not to spread the disease.

Of course early on during the pandemic there was the unknown of what could happen from the disease and the fact that the country had not had a pandemic in over 100 years, I'm sure the police were watching for other things that might could happen where there is uncertainty in the public.

From what I have seen in the last month driving up and down 131 plus doing some motorcycle riding around the state of Michigan is, the Michigan State Police are back to pulling over speeders again and are writing tickets if you are breaking the law.

According to FOX 17, after spending a few weeks focusing on speeding on Michigan highways, troopers from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division will focus this week on inspecting commercial vehicles at random all over the state.

Like Michigan resident drivers that the MSP focused on for safer driving they will be encouraging commercial motor vehicle drivers to improve their safe driving habits on the states roadways.

What the troopers will be looking at when it comes to commercial drivers this week is if you are speeding, riding someone's tail, improper lane changes, reckless driving and the big one, texting or being on your phone while behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.

Now if you don't drive a commercial vehicle, don't think for a minute you are off the hook, you still need to drive the speed limit and use safe driving skills or you too may find yourself on the side of the road either getting a ticket or a lecture or both from a MSP trooper.

If you do get stopped and are driving a commercial vehicle, police will be asking for all your documentation from drivers license, proof of insurance, operating credentials and driving hours documentation. Troopers will also be looking for possible alcohol or drug use while behind the wheel as well.

If you drive a commercial vehicle be extra careful this week and every week moving forward.

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