It's hard being an adult during the Coronavirus pandemic, but I think it's even harder to be a kid. My son is five and he can't wrap his head around the changes that have taken place in his world over the last few weeks.

No more playdates. No more trips to Dollar General (literally, his favorite store). No more walks over to our neighbor's house just to say hello. My boy thinks that I'm the worst mama ever because my answer to his pleas to be around others is, "No."

Now, imagine being a sick child during this pandemic who has waited so long for your Make-A-Wish dream to come true only to have that dream squashed with the closing of Disney World. That was the sad reality for little Khloe of Upper Township, NJ.

When the little girl's community heard what happened, they decided to take Disney to her with a parade, presents, and a birthday song. “Even in today’s crazy world... Magical moments can still happen,” wrote Shawna Mulford on Facebook. "For a beautiful girl who was granted a Make-A-Wish but couldn’t get to Disney right now, Disney came to her for a special birthday.”

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